Producer FAQ

Producer Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Submit A Track and submit the form. We update the platform with new tracks bi-monthly.

You keep 70% of every sale, Jet Tracks commission is just 30%. Jet Tracks also assumes all credit card fees. 

Your Producer Dashboard includes real time tracking data. At any time, you can view your sales numbers.

Pay periods take place every week via Paypal. You will need a Paypal account if you do not already have one.

Yes, you will receive a 1099 assuming your yearly payout amount has surpassed the minimum requirement for reporting. Please note: before your tracks or beats can be approved to go live on Jet Tracks, we are required by law to have on file either your W9 (US) or W8BEN (outside US). These forms can be downloaded in your Producer Dashboard. Then, simply fill it out, email it to, and you are all set to go live.

We want to provide great music for the songwriters & artists that visit and trust Jet Tracks. So though there is no approval process to become a producer, each track/beat uploaded is curated by our team before going live. We evaluate quality of the music and correctly uploaded sound and image files.  

Yes. You choose the prices and the licenses you want to offer for each track/beat. We do offer pricing suggestions, but you are not bound by them.

We will upload a .zip file of the music formats required for each license you wish to offer(e.g. MP3, WAV, 24bit WAV). When a buyer purchases your track or beat, they will automatically receive a download link to the corresponding files. The files will also be available for download in their Customer Dashboard in the Purchases area.

No. You, as the producer, retain ownership of your master. The 4 licenses outline the terms of usage you are offering for your master recording. Because the tracks & beats on Jet Tracks involve multiple licenses to multiple users, offering true master ownership is not possible.

We will watermark and prepare your preview track.

We recommend sharing the link to your producer store with anyone who would be interested. If you have your own website, it’s also a good idea to add a link to your Jet Tracks Producer store. Lastly, uploading new music often will increase your audience, visibility, and followers.

Yes, we ask that for all releases, producers are given credit for the track/beat. Though this is not something we can enforce, we expect that all users act in accordance with the Terms of Use and Policies of

No. When someone purchases a license from you, you are giving them the freedom to use the track within the limits of that license. If their use of the track exceeds the license limit, they will need to upgrade the license by contacting 

Once a PayPal transfer/payout is initiated, we cannot stop payments sent to the wrong PayPal address. This is why we stress that you Please make sure your PayPal payout email address is correct. This is entered at registration, and can always be edited from your Profile page in the Producer Dashboard. If your funds were sent to a valid PayPal  account holder and the transfer was successful, we can no longer recover the funds. If your funds were transferred to an email that is not associated with an active PayPal account, PayPal will give your transfer an “unclaimed” status. PayPal keeps the funds in an unclaimed status for 30 days to see if anyone claims the account. If no one does, the funds will be returned to us and put back in your pending payments account.

You can remove your track or beat from Jetracks at any time by contacting us using the contact form or emailing us at, and we will promptly remove your profile, tracks, and account. Any pending payouts will still be sent on the scheduled day.