· By Joey Ebach

Jet Tracks Blog - What to Expect

If you are reading this, you’re probably talented, motivated, passionate, a dreamer and love making music. If that’s true, you’re in the right place, cause we are too!

Jet Tracks is a dream we have of connecting songwriters, artists, musicians and track builders from around the world. We ourselves are two songwriter/producers based in Nashville. We spend our days writing and recording songs for artists, pitching songs through our publishing company, and constantly on the prowl for the next hit hook. Our passion is music and music makers. We’re with you, we’re for you and we want to see you succeed.

That’s what the Jet Tracks Blog is all about

Our vision is that this blog will include how to’s, inspiration, insider music industry news, musings about the music business and so much more. Anything that will encourage you, advance your career, or keep you a step ahead - we want it to be a go to source for all things music.

The Jet Tracks Blog will also be an ongoing conversation. In the near future, we plan to accept and curate articles written from Jet Tracks users from around the world in order to expand the paradigm of opinions, thoughts and knowledge related to music and the music business.

We’re excited your here. Good things are ahead. Stay tuned!

- The Jet Tracks Team -