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  • Jet Tracks Sessions: Songwriting With Rules

    · By Joey Ebach

    In this week's Jet Tracks Session we are talking about the "rules" of songwriting. There are so many songwriting "rules" flying around these days that are supposedly required to make a song great. But how much weight should we give these rules in our songwriting? In this Jet Tracks Session, you'll discover: The only real rule of songwriting is that there are no rules. What makes a song a hit is not adherence to rules, but a captured emotion. Emotion is first priority, songwriting "rules" are secondary. Are there other topics or questions you want us to talk about in...

  • Bombcast Podcast Talking Writing & Jet Tracks

    · By Joey Ebach

    This past week, Jet Tracks co-founders Ryland Fisher and Joey Ebach had the opportunity to sit down with Steve & Kevin from the Bomcast Podcast! We had an awesome time talking all things writing, top lining and Jet Tracks. Besides a killer podcast, Steve and Kevin have a killer apparel company called Bombers and Sleeves. If you haven't checked them out, you gotta do it! 🔥 You can also stream the podcast episode on Spotify HERE!

  • Jet Tracks Sessions: 3 Myths About Top Lining

    · By Joey Ebach

    In this week's Jet Tracks Session we are dispelling the 3 most common myths when it comes to top lining. In this Jet Tracks Session, you'll discover: It is a myth that pro songwriters do not top line. It is a myth that publishers don't want top line tracks pitched to them. It is a myth that top lining is a lazy way to write. Are there other topics or questions you want us to talk about in a Jet Tracks Session? Let us know below!

  • Jet Tracks Sessions: Hearing & Defining Sections In Top line Tracks

    · By Joey Ebach

    In this week's Jet Tracks Session we are talking about how to listen and distinguish song sections in top lining tracks. We get emails from folks all the time who say they love the tracks and want to write to them, but they have trouble telling where they should place verses, choruses, bridge etc. In this Jet Tracks Session, you'll discover: Most songs/tracks use a common song formula that you can use to distinguish sections The 5 main musical properties and elements that drive the changes in song sections Groove Chord Progression Energy Sonic Width & Depth Instrumentation How to...

  • Top Lining Webinar: Learning How & Why To Write Songs To Tracks

    · By Joey Ebach

    Watch the replay of a Top Lining Webinar with Jet Tracks Founders and Signed Songwriter/Producers Joey Ebach & Ryland Fisher, hosted by author & songwriter Bill O'Hanlon. In this webinar, you'll discover: That top lining is writing to musical beds and tracks others have created How to find great top lining tracks for a reasonable price The legalities and rights involved in leasing and using top lining tracks How to avoid copyright infringement problems How to get exclusive rights to use for release and sync placements How to avoid the trap of going for the obvious melody or first melody...

  • It's Just Not Worth It

    · By Joey Ebach

    "One Thing" Growing up, I always knew music was the thing. You know at the end of the movie City Slickers where the cowboy is talking about how the secret of life is just “one thing” - well, my one thing is and always has been music.   But for a long time (about 10 years) I put that dream on the shelf to pursue other things. What other things? Responsible, adult, grownup type things. I started and ran successful businesses, made good money, went back to school to get my masters - the whole mature adult shebang. And once...