· By Joey Ebach

Top Lining Webinar: Learning How & Why To Write Songs To Tracks

Watch the replay of a Top Lining Webinar with Jet Tracks Founders and Signed Songwriter/Producers Joey Ebach & Ryland Fisher, hosted by author & songwriter Bill O'Hanlon.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • That top lining is writing to musical beds and tracks others have created
  • How to find great top lining tracks for a reasonable price
  • The legalities and rights involved in leasing and using top lining tracks
  • How to avoid copyright infringement problems
  • How to get exclusive rights to use for release and sync placements
  • How to avoid the trap of going for the obvious melody or first melody that comes to mind
  • Why top lining can make songwriting much faster
  • How to write complete songs even if you’re mainly a lyric writer
  • How to attract better co-writers when you bring in pre-made tracks
  • Open Q & A with Joey & Ryland