· By Joey Ebach

Jet Tracks Sessions: Hearing & Defining Sections In Top line Tracks

In this week's Jet Tracks Session we are talking about how to listen and distinguish song sections in top lining tracks. We get emails from folks all the time who say they love the tracks and want to write to them, but they have trouble telling where they should place verses, choruses, bridge etc.

In this Jet Tracks Session, you'll discover:

  • Most songs/tracks use a common song formula that you can use to distinguish sections
  • The 5 main musical properties and elements that drive the changes in song sections
  • Groove
  • Chord Progression
  • Energy
  • Sonic Width & Depth
  • Instrumentation
  • How to edit song sections within a top lining track

What are some methods you use to distinguish sections in top lining tracks? Comment below!

Are there other topics or questions you want us to talk about in a Jet Tracks Session? Let us know below!