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  • The Rise Of Top Lining

    · By Joey Ebach

    What Is Top Lining? When people picture songwriting, most will probably imagine sitting down with a guitar or piano, finding some chords and adding lyrics and melody. Though that’s still a true picture for many writers, there’s a growing segment of writers that write songs much differently. Top line writers start with a pre-made, fully produced track and add their own lyrics and melody to form a song. The top lining tracks or beats usually have predefined sections where the music changes denoting verses, choruses, bridge etc. Jet Tracks obviously believes in the power of top lining because we both...

  • 3 Things Pro Songwriters Do Before They Start Writing a Song

    · By Joey Ebach

    In the beginning. . . When I first started writing songs, my strategy was basically this: come up with really cool lines, give it a unique melody, string the lines together and when it’s done, give the song a name. Now for some genres - where songs don’t necessarily need to completely make sense - this is a perfectly acceptable way of writing. But if there is one thing being a songwriter in Nashville has taught me, it’s that hooks carry a song, lyric is king and songs need to make sense. I learned this the hard way - by...

  • Jet Tracks Blog - What to Expect

    · By Joey Ebach

    If you are reading this, you’re probably talented, motivated, passionate, a dreamer and love making music. If that’s true, you’re in the right place, cause we are too! Jet Tracks is a dream we have of connecting songwriters, artists, musicians and track builders from around the world. We ourselves are two songwriter/producers based in Nashville. We spend our days writing and recording songs for artists, pitching songs through our publishing company, and constantly on the prowl for the next hit hook. Our passion is music and music makers. We’re with you, we’re for you and we want to see you...